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      Guangwei brand chlorine disinfection tablets

      Approval No. 0148, Wei Xiaozi (2004)

      Category: Medical sanitation disinfection

      Name: Guangwei brand chlorine-containing disinfectant tablets

      Product Specification: 1.0 g/tablet, each tablet contains 400-500 mg of available chlorine

      Packaging specifications: 100 pieces/bottle; 10 bottles/boxes; 10 boxes/boxes; 1000 pieces/bottles

      Packaging type: 10kg/case

      Product Profile:

      Ingredients: This product is composed of sodium dichloroisocyanurate, stabilizer, synergist, corrosion inhibitor, etc. The effective chlorine content is 400-500 mg/tablet.

      Usage: disinfection of environment, utensils and drinking water in public places such as infectious disease areas, flood epidemic areas, wards, operating tables, hotels, tableware, swimming pools and families.

      Usage: For fungi, fungi, Escherichia coli, bacterial spores and general viruses, add 1 tablet per kilogram of water;

      Sterilize toilets, restaurants, tableware, tea sets and wine sets for 30 minutes by scrubbing or soaking.

      Soak clothes, towels, etc. in 1 piece of water per kilogram for 30 minutes (with bleaching effect).

      Soak vegetables and fruits with 1 tablet per kilogram of water for 30 minutes.

      Add 1-2 tablets per kilogram in the epidemic area and infectious disease area to disinfect the spray.

      Water in flood-affected areas, rivers, lakes and rivers should be added 1 tablet per 100 kg of water, and can be drunk in 30 minutes.


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